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Sunday, March 30, 2014

W1AW/8 Operational Document

W1AW/8 Operational Document
We have put together a very extensive document describing pretty much everything a potential operator of W1AW/8 needs to know.  You can download the document HERE or by clicking on the image at the right.  It is a PDF file so you can save it to your computer for future reference, or you can print it out to read and mark important points.

This is a LONG document so please read through all of it.  There are many hyperlinks in the document to take you to websites with further information.  Most of this info is of use to you as a DX'er regardless of whether or not you operate W1AW/8.

If you do plan to operate as W1AW/8, it would be a very good idea to download and print out this document.  Then, make notes about things you need to think about during your operational times or things you need to do prior to beginning operations as W1AW/8. 

If you find any points in this document that are in error or have some things you would like to add, contact Clark, W8TN.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Use the W1AW/8 Chat Page

W1AW/8 Chat Page Example
The W1AW/8 Chat can be accessed directly from right here on the W1AW/8 Blog page.  Or, you can save the "Direct Link" below to your browser as a Bookmark or Favorite.  There is even a "Mobile" version that you can open from your phone or tablet.  You can click on the image on the right for a larger image and you will see an example of what the chat page looks like.  This example was opened in a separate browser window and re-sized.  Using the "DeskPins" utility mentioned below, this re-sized page can sit right ON TOP of all other windows so it can be seen constantly.

Either from the Chat Box on the right-hand frame of this page or your saved Direct Link, type your Callsign in the box, choose Java, Flash or Mobile and press the Connect button.  Using Java gives the option to “pop-out” the Chat into its own window using the “Float or Unfloat" button that will appear to the right of the Green circle (the “Change Online Status” button.)  However, your computer may ask you three or more times if you want to allow Java to run or your anti-virus may not let it run at all.  In that case, use the Flash option.

Another option is to open the Chat Page from a Bookmark or Favorite in your browser.  Go to the link below and then SAVE it in your browser for future access.  This way you can open the Chat in a NEW WINDOW in your browser, re-size it, and use the Desk Pins utility to keep it on top of all other pages.

If you need the Desk Pins utility, you can download it from W8TN's Blog Page – just scroll down to the bottom of the left-hand frame and you will see a link where you can download Desk Pins.  Once you download it, un-zip the program, view the README file and install Desk Pins.  You will now see an icon in the status bar at the bottom right of your computer that looks like a small rectangle with a RED Push Pin in it.  In order for Desk Pins to show up in the status bar, you may need to re-boot your computer after you install it.

Here is a 6:45 minute YouTube video showing how all this is done for the WVDXA Chat Page but it will all work the same on the W1AW/8 Chat:

This Chat Page can help greatly by providing instant communications between any and all W1AW/8 operators.  Please learn how to use it.  If you have any questions, please contact W8TN.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Welcome to the W1AW/8 Blog

This Blog will contain information about the 2nd West Virginia week of operation for W1AW/8.  Hal Turley, W8HC, is the Host for this second weekend.  Clark Stewart, W8TN, is the webmaster for this Blog and other web based information sources.

You can download a PDF file of all the scheduled weeks of operation by the various states by Clicking HERE.