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Friday, July 18, 2014

W1AW/8 Email Reflector

Today I created a Google Group for the W1AW/8 West Virginia Operation.  This is basically an email reflector that will allow Hal, W8HC, and myself, Clark, W8TN, an easy way to email the entire Group of Operators at one time.  It will also provide a place for those who may have a question to Post it to the Group and the responses can be seen by everyone.  This will make our operation much more efficient than by just responding to each individual by direct email alone.

Once you have accepted the invitation to become a member of this Google Group, you can post to it by sending an email to:

Postings (emails) that have previously been sent to this Google Group can be viewed on the Internet (like an archive) by directing your browser to the following URL:

In the next day or two I will send a Direct Invitation email to all who have signed up as an Operator for W1AW/8 West Virginia.  All you need to do is to click on the Blue "Accept This Invitation" link at the bottom of that email.  You will then become a member of the W1AW/8 Google Group.

Direct any question or problems to W8TN.